What is an NDIS investment property?

And why you should seriously consider adding these to your portfolio!

Lachlan Sutton


March 27, 2020 11:15AM

This property will generate 14.92% or $100K+ Per year in rental return.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of rental yield and why this is a good investment firstly let’s understand what this property is and why it exists.

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a federal government scheme to help support people with disabilities.

Currently, 14% (or around 4.3 million) Australians have a disability.

As part of the scheme, the NDIS provides funding to recipients for accommodation within approved NDIS homes.

NDIS accommodation funding has an annual recurring budget of $700 million and 16,000 new homes are required over the next 5 years.

Currently, many recipients of the NDIS live in less than ideal conditions. Imagine, being a 20-year-old living in an aged care facility where the average age is 80+.

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Approximately 28,000 people with a disability are looking for suitable accommodation and this is where you come in.

The government is incentivising private investors like you and me to help build NDIS approved homes.

These NDIS homes are purpose-built, they look and feel like regular homes but with upgrades features and design.

Most NDIS homes can accommodate two to three tenants plus one carer and provide a superior living experience.

For your help in building these types of homes, you will be rewarded with higher than normal government-funded rental returns of around 15% gross yield pegged to the CPI for 20+ years.

Yes! Government-funded rental return and in most cases, these become long term tenants who view your property as their forever home.

The best part of this type of investment is, you are building a home that will be loved, cherished and cared for by someone who not only deserves a forever home but also needs one.

Like any investment property, the key is to attract good long-term tenants. Our disabled community are like any other demographic, they like to live close to transport hubs, shopping centres, community services, cafes and family & friends. Building this type of home in the right area will be the key to your success.

Providing fantastic homes for our disabled and their carers with fit for purpose designs and features

There are many moving parts to an NDIS investment property make sure you work a with a reputable specialist who can manage the process for you like ‘NDIS Investor’.

This type of property is very popular and not available to all investors to see if you qualify as an investor please 'click here'.

Key takeaway:

• NDIS accommodation scheme has a recurring budget of $700million

• 16,000 new homes are required over the next 5 years.

• 28,000 people with a disability are looking for suitable accommodation

• These homes look and feel like regular homes but with upgrades in design and features.

• Once approved your home will be enrolled for 20+ years.

• Like any investment, location will be the key to your success.

• Invest with purpose and give people with needs the opportunity to live in their forever home.

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COVID-19 Update

This type of investment property is considered Covid-19 and recession-proof. Demand is high, government funding is in place and the rental return is predetermined based on property type and location.

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